Jazz vs Thunder

2018 NBA Playoffs Preview with Welcome to Loud City: Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder

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We are less than one day from the Utah Jazz facing off against the Oklahoma City Thunder. We have had a plethora of articles previewing this matchup from our writers, but it’s easy to get locked into our pro-Jazz bias—which is a good bias, btw—but a bias none the less. That’s why we reached out to our frenemies over at Welcome To Loud City—the SB Nation Thunder blog—to get their thoughts on this matchup.

R.K. Anthony of Welcome To Loud City answered our very rigorous questions about this upcoming matchup and what we can expect from the Thunder.

Mychal Lowman: When Paul George was Indiana, he was able to step up big in the playoffs. His Pacers’ teams were a thorn in the Miami Heat’s side with a team fielding George Hill, Lance Stephens, and Roy Hibbert. Will Paul George be able to take it to another level opposite Westbrook like he has in the past?

R.K. Anthony: Prior to the All Star break, George was putting up some of the best numbers of his career although he was playing in an entirely new system at a faster pace than at any time in his career. A shooting slump has brought some of those numbers down to earth, but he seems to be getting his shot back and we all know PG has a special gear he saves for the playoffs.

Mychal Lowman: That’s what a lot of Utah Jazz fans fear. They don’t want to see “Playoff P”. Even more than “Playoff P,” Utah Jazz fans fear Steven Adams. They feel like Adams seems to best Rudy Gobert often. How do Thunder fans feel about Rudy Gobert?

R.K. Anthony: As they should fear any descendant of Drogo from the continent Essos, son of Bharbo and Khal of the Dothraki?